Australian Autumn 2013

We’ve finally been blessed with some glorious Autumnal weather. Clear blue skies. Pleasant days. Cool evenings.

Autumn 1

The colours of autumn are spectacular and we love to travel up to the Southern Highlands of NSW to really “see” the season.

Autumn 2

The trip up the mountain is a 45 minute drive away, but well worth it.

Autumn 3

Autumn 7

Right now, the Southern Highlands are ablaze with colour. We visited a small village market in the morning and then spent the rest of the day exploring the area.

Autumn 5

Autumn 4

In only a few short weeks, the trees will lose all of their brilliance and winter will draw us indoors and keep us there.

Autumn 6

Autumn 9

But for the time being, we are enjoying the warm glow which autumn brings out in us.

Autumn 8

Autumn 10

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day

  2. lovely pics, autumn is my favourite time of the year too.

  3. lovely pics Anorina.xx

  4. Gorgeous colour of Autumn. All the colour and a village market sounds like a perfect day out :)

  5. Gorgeous photos Anorina! I love the glorious Autumn colours in the Southern Highlands.

  6. thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. Just lovely.

  7. Gorgeous Autumn foliage - that's one thing we miss out on here in Qld ...

  8. Such gorgeous pics! I love this time of year!

  9. What absolutely stunning photos!! Autumn in NSW is just spectacular. Definitely my favourite season xx

  10. Autumn is like a trick. Beautiful but then chilly.

  11. Gorgeous colour. This year has been just spectacular for the autumn colours. If you want to see some more glorious colour head up to Mt Wilson. We headed off there a couple of weeks ago. You can see more about it here

  12. Gorgeous photos Anorina . I love autumn colours.

  13. The weather has been gorgeous almost every day since ANZAC Day, although quite chilly some mornings!

  14. Beautiful colours. Love seeing the trees as they change colour.


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