Swapping with friends

This past month, I joined a bunch of crafty ladies in a colour swap, hosted by Cheryll of the Stitching Cubbyhole Blog (http://stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot.com.au).

We had to send the following:

Four items are to go to your partner in HER choice of colour.

- Something edible
- Something smelly
- Something for a room in the house
- Something personal...

and ONE GIFT MUST be handmade.

This was such a fun swap. I didn't stalk my partner too much - I already read her blog and see her over on Facebook.

Here are the parcels... posted to my lovely partner and making their way... to her house :)

Partner: I hope you like the goodies inside. And, I did write a card, but forgot to include it in the parcel. D'Oh!


  1. Oh I love brown paper as wrapping and blue labels. I wonder if that's an indication as to what colour is on the inside? This is a fun swap. Looking forward to the reveal of what you sent. hugs

  2. I've really enjoyed this swap too.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love that you wrapped each item indivually!

  4. lovey parcels Anorina and Cheryl has the best swaps they are always so much fun,cant wait to see what you sent.xx

    1. Yes I'm looking forward to sharing some pics too. With any luck it arrives at its destination b Monday :)

  5. Love the brown paper with red and white twine Anorina. Bet your partner's excited to get these!

  6. It's here ;) and I LOVE everything. No more loosing needles in the arm of my couch and the seam ripper, that has to be one of your hubbies creations? Stunning. Thank you so much for all my goodies. I feel so spoilt. hugs, Sharon


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