Fave Five - Childhood Television Shows

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I was a child of the 1980’s. I loved bubble skirts, fluoro socks and New Kids on the Block. I used to fluff up my fringe (like Effie) and watch Molly Ringwald movies.

Today, I’m sharing my Fave Fave childhood television shows, and as you can imagine, they’re from the 1980’s.

In no particular order, they include:

Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster is an American sitcom about a girl named Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) being raised by her foster parent (George Gaynes).

Punky wore mismatched shoes and socks and had attitude. I thought she was the coolest.


Alf (whose real name was Gordon Shumway) was a friendly extra-terrestrial nicknamed ALF (an acronym for Alien Life Form), who crash lands in the garage of the suburban middle-class Tanner family.

Alf was naughty and cheeky and had funny ways to getting solutions to his daily dilemma’s.

Fraggle Rock

Singing and dancing Muppets – what’s not to love?

The Brady Bunch

A classic. I used to watch this show every afternoon, after school. I didn’t like Marcia and loved Cindy. I was uninterested in the boys. They were boring. I wondered why my mother didn’t name me Cindy. In all fairness, I was about 6 years old at the time.

Remember the kazoo episode? And George Glass? And I remember nagging my mum to buy me a Kitty Carry All doll – because Cindy had one.

I scored a Baby Alive instead ;-)

Degrassi Junior High

Blast from the past, right?

Degrassi Junior High aired on the ABC here in Australia. It was super dramatic with all the kids have so many issues to deal with. Much more interesting than anything that was going on in my life.

I went to an all girl Catholic high school where hair spray, gel and hair teasing was against the rules – so of course Spike was my favourite.

So have I brought back some memories?

I’d love to hear about your favourite shows while growing up. What were your Fave Five?


  1. Me too!! High Five Eighties Chick :) I watched them all - even the early Degrassi. My girls have know watched all of the Brady Bunch repeats. Oh and the Muppets too. They love the Muppets just like I did as a kid :) Awesome memories.

    1. Yay to the 80's! I was going to include I Dream of Jeannie in there and Gilligan's Island, but ran out of numbers. My kids love the Muppet movies - they watch them on video (yes, video) when they visit grandparents.

  2. omg punky brewster! My childhood style icon. and Fraggle rock!!! best. ever! Alf was also a favourite of mine, but watching reruns in my adult years has had me cringing and the Alf movie was truly horrible.

  3. I was such a New Kids on the Block fan! In fact, the only vhs cassettes we still have are my NKOTB and my ultrasounds for the older kids!!

  4. I LOVE PUNKY!!! Used to wear odd socks just to be like her. I hated Fraggle Rock. Still do, also hated the Muppets - same creator - I just don't get it!

  5. Oh yep - Degrassi and Fraggle Rock were huge favourites for me! We used to have a video tape of 3 Fraggle Rock episodes - my sister and I still quote from it!

  6. I loved Fraggle Rock -- but it was my daughter who was the child! I was a child of the sixties: Mickey Mouse Club (weekday afternoons), Prince Planet (weekday afternoons), Disneyland (6:30 every Sunday night), Milton the Monster Show (weekday afternoons in the late sixties) and Bobby Limb's Sound of Music (Friday night, 7:30pm -- the only night we were allowed to stay up late).

  7. Couldn't get a liking for Alf. Punky was plain annoying (sorry) but I did like Degrassi - remember I'm old enough to be everyone's mum here... And my daughter (now 41) loved it too. Denyseb

  8. Oh, I loved the Brady Bunch and Degrassi Junior High, never missed an episode.

  9. I showed the girls The Brady Bunch the other day. It was on one Saturday afternoon. They absolutely loved it!!


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