Dreaming in Colour

I should be productive, this I know for fact. Yet, I've been distracted by Pinterest and Design-Seed this evening.

Dreaming of my future house. Of rooms, decorated in these colours:

(Images Source: www.design-seeds.com)

And of quilts, made with these colours:

Do you dream of colour, too?

Happy Stitching,
Samelia's Mum


  1. Oh wow!! I am LOVING that last scheme Anorina!!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! (So are the others, lol!) Thanks for sharing!! x

  2. What a visual smorgasbord you have here! I love colour too. A lot! Now I've finally become more into Pinterest you tell me ANOTHER way to lose myself! Ypu have beautiful, taste in all things design and crafty A! Great fun with a new house! Denyse

  3. Love colour and loving those ocean ones with the beautiful teal colours! Just gorgeous

  4. We fly kites 1st Sunday of the month at Shoalhaven Heads, beach end of River Road. love to see you there. Love the sea colours, reminds me of Seascapes fabric which I love, and your sea glass, didn't realize we could get it locally.

  5. I love colour -- I can't imagine life in a black, white and grey world!


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