Don’t Let Him Go!!

Do you watch The Voice?

I’m a little bit addicted to this show. Just a little bit. Addicted. To this show.


Telly Tweet

A telly tweet, by yours truly. Luckily for me a, friend wasn’t home recorded the show to watch later, so she managed to snap this picture of her television screen, for me – thank you Tracy x


Keith Urban is now on American Idol, which is sad. He was the calm one.

But, The Voice has scored Ricky Martin – who I absolutely love. Everything he says sounds extra lovely. Must be the accent. Seal is smooth and casts a spell on the contestants, Delta is gorgeous (though I watch for a wardrobe malfunction) and Joel is my absolute favourite.


If you could sing – really well - and were standing there on the stage after your performance, and all the coaches had pressed their button and spun around, who would you pick?

Seal, Joel, Delta or Ricky?


  1. I'd pick Seal :) My Mum was on The Voice last night, she was the lady knitting in the nursing home when James Napier's back story was on, she's 88 next week and loves him, a shame he didn't make it through :)

  2. Joel in a heart beat :o) Something about the "bad boy" :o)

  3. Joel for me...just so I could get autographs, photos and meetings for my daughter :) He is my favourite though.

  4. Probably Seal! But I gave up on my singing career years ago -- they don't want grandmothers! LOL

  5. Joel is such a sweetie but I would pick Seal. He seems to deal with so much more than just the singing. Many great singers don't make it in the industry so I would want to be able to handle the emotional roller coaster ride, the publicity, the business side etc. I wish! xx

  6. I would have to pick Delta - Ricky and Seal would be way to distracting at rehearsal. I couldn't sing and hyperventilate at the same time. Joel is OK but I think Delta could teach me more. I do sing but would never do a singing show.

  7. I saw one of your tweets recently too, we were watching it on the weekend, I got excited saying I know her!!!!


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