You Can’t Stop Progress

It’s been a busy few days round these parts.

There has (finally) been some action on our block of land. After almost 18 months since we began the process of choosing, bidding and purchasing the block of land. Then choosing the house design, making changes (as you do) and gaining bank approvals, final building details and local council approvals, a port-a-loo has appeared at the site.


Block - 5 March 2013

You can not imagine the excitement the appearance of this little blue building provoked.

That machinery is on our neighbours block. We know our new (future) neighbours – the wife went to school with my sister and now her child is at school with Amelia. It’s a small world.

We spent the last couple of days in Sydney, so on the way home, drove by the block again and discovered that there had been some more action.


Block - 9 March 2013

Our block has been excavated. Woo Hoo! This was definite cause to crack open some bubbly. Finally, after all of this time, something is happening!

There is progress.

And as Bill Heslop says in the film, Muriel’s Wedding, “You can’t stop progress”.


  1. Great news!!!! With any luck you will be 'in residence' by Christmas.

  2. Thanks Shirl. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to be hosting a big family Christmas in my new house.

  3. Fab news.....hope you keep us posted with the progress via photos. Good luck :)

  4. Hi Annette, yes I absolutely will be blogging the build progress. Once the concrete slab is down, I can go and choose and order my flooring. Soooo excited!

  5. Great views! Looking forward to reading all about the progress. Such an exciting time.

  6. Looks like you are in an amazingly beautiful spot... or will be soon!!

  7. Yay! We live in a street with only three other houses and have been watching the building going on across the road, it's amazing how fast they go up once the slab has gone down. Can't wait to read more!

  8. How exciting! I hope it goes without a hitch and the weather is kind!


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