My Spotlight Obsession

I have a secret to tell you. It's my little obsession which drives my family a little bit crazy.

When we go away on little getaways, I feel this very strange compulsion, to visit the local Spotlight store. Not the LQS - but Spotlight.

Yes, I know I'm a bit strange, but really, it's a simple pleasure, isn't it?

So, with this introduction in mind, today I visited the Spotlight store in Newcastle NSW.

It's a lovely large store - sharing the building with Anaconda. I left hubby and the kids at Anaconda looking through the array of tents, camping equipment and fishing rods.

I let them have their little fantasy that one day they'll drag me out camping - in a tent - sleeping in a bag with bugs and wildlife. Blurgh!!!!

So while they were on their little explore, I went up the escalator to crafty paradise. The store was quiet and the shelves were full - just the way I like it.

I knew my time was limited, so I quickly scanned their discounted section.

You never know what treasures you'll find discounted. Today I wasn't in luck. I did however pick up some fabric.

The cutest gumboot print fabric, ever!!

Are these not the cutest stripy gumboots?

Or how about these gumboots? I think I'd wear these floral ones, for real.

And not only gumboot prints, but umbrellas too!

Perfectly cheery fabrics to represent the upcoming cooler (& wetter) months.

I also picked up some fun summer outdoor prints.

I love the beach hut print fabric best, but the caravans with pretty bunting are very sweet too.

I honestly don't know what I'll make with these yet - but no doubt I'll come up with something.

When visiting another city, do you have the compulsion to visit the local LQS or fabric/craft store?


  1. i will confess too i do the same Anorina,lol.xx

  2. I love to check out other quilt shops and I have found some real gems!

    1. Exactly! I've found fabrics in other Spottie stores, which has sold out at mine.

  3. Spotlight has a most amazing trick ... fabric jumps off the shelf into my trolley!!
    Love those fabrics but have to wait another week before I can indulge in a little shopping:)

    1. LOL - yes it is a tricky store. We could always try to dodge those jumping fabric bundles, couldn't we?

  4. Those gumboots are absolutely adorable!! Especially those floral ones. Too cute!!

  5. Haha. I love going fabric shopping while your away :) On a trip to Narooma I stopped in a beautiful quilt shop in Moruya. I didnt expect it, but they had so many quality quilt prints and I bought myself some Lotta Jansdotter :)

    I also agree about camping, but when my toddlers grow up I'm sure I will be outvoted 3 to 1. Too many boys here! x

    1. I love unexpected fabric finds. They make a trip more memorable, don't you think?

  6. With no Spotlight nearby unless I drive 3 hours south & no LQS worth visiting I too am guilty of stopping at all spotlights/LQS we come across. 1 more week until I can get my overdue fill of fabric goodness and no doubt plenty will find its way into the car to bring home.

    Agree 100% with the camping blurgh, but the day will come when our kids won't want to do anything with us, so I suck it up and go camping once a year

  7. I do try to visit Spotlight in Tamworth when passing through or the one in Castle Hill if I'm over that way. People wonder how I find my bargains at Spotlight but it's just as matter of being there frequently! Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't!

  8. Have to do my bit for the economy by visiting as many fabric shops as possible especially when on holiday. I love the caravan fabric & think maybe I need to visit my local Spottie after work today to look for some of that! xx

  9. Haha, this made me laugh, as I have a similar obsession with Lincraft stores... I'm embarrassed to admit how many I have been to around Sydney in recent weeks. But it's so exciting because they all have such varying stock. I am yet to venture into Spotlight, but I know I'd love it! Your fabric purchases are SO gorgeous, love those gumboots :)

  10. I head for the local quilt stores and the thrift stores (charity shops.) You never know what treasures you'll find! When I first moved to Portlad, I found my way around town from quilt shop to quilt shop and I can tell you great shops in many cities and a couple of countries! (When traveling, one must have priorities, right?)


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