Good-Bye Google Reader

I’ve been using Google Reader for the past couple of years. I read my favourite blogs through my Google reader and have come to like the simple layout and ease of use.

Unfortunately, it’s on the verge of closing down.

I’ve been looking at other ways to read my favourite blogs.

Right now, I’m trialling Bloglovin. I am learning how to work with it and figuring out what everything does.

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How do you read your favourite blogs?

What reader do you suggest or recommend?


  1. I am trying out Bloglovin too. Sad to see reader go.

  2. I'm going with Bloglovin'. Have imported all my blogs over from Google reader. Tried Feedly but did not like it.

  3. I'm trialling feedly, I really like it works on my android phone, much better than reader ever has

  4. I've also installed Bloglovin but I'm not sure if my readers are signing up or if I will lose them once Google Reader has closed down. So sad. Have you already signed the petition to Google to keep it going?

  5. I've also been using Google Reader but could return to using Blogger's Dashboard if I have to! Before that came into being, I used Bloglines -- don't know if they still exist! I'm not doing anything till I see what Blogger does!

  6. I am trying Bloglovin and feedly. I think I like Feedly more. I like the way you can change the layout and organize. I also like the look when I try to read more.


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