Building a House {Update}

* This is a progress post about our house build *
It has been a very exciting week in the build of our new house. The process began in September 2011 when we ventured out to an open day in a large marquee, on some farmland. This farm/s was going to be a new development by the Stockland group and as we were outgrowing our house, it was time to think about the future. I’d always wanted to build a house and have the luxury of choosing everything from scratch, so attending this open day and viewing what was to become our new home and community was exciting.

The Block
Our first walk on the block of land - July 2012

We looked at the different sized blocks and their proposed location in the development and after much discussion and mind-changing, we chose our favourite. But it wasn’t that simple. As it was a high demand release – land would be allocated in a “first in, best dressed” online lottery. In the old days, people would camp out on their desired blocks for days ahead of the release, but this was 2011 and bidding for them online was a much more civilised way of doing it, right?

SameliasMum Build 1
So we chose our favourite, but also had to choose 2 other back up blocks, just in case we didn't get our first choice. At a pre-allocated time, we had to send through our picks. I can’t remember what day of the week it was, but I remember it was at 9am. Luckily for us, hubby was home and was able to enter our picks while I did the school drop-off run.

We got our block, paid our deposit and then the waiting game began… oh and the 6 weeks of rain. Delay after delay.

Finally in September 2012, the land was registered with council and we could begin! Yay!

By this point, we had sold our house and moved into our temporary house – thinking that it would all start happening quickly. I mean really, we had chosen our house design months earlier, signed paper work with the building company, been to the bank and had our home loan pre-approved. We had everything ready to go – so honestly, why wouldn’t we think it was going to happen soon-ish?

SameliasMum Build 3

6 months later (TO THE DAY), the build finally began. Seriously! 6 months!! It’s funny how pencil pushing, paperwork and bureaucracy can drag it’s self along at a snails pace. In the meantime, I’m driving 2 hours each day, to get the kids to and from school.

So, back to the happy thoughts – we now have a concrete slab. Yay!

SameliasMum Build 2
March 2013

This is the base slab and we’ll have a second storey. I hear that the framework should arrive and they’ll begin to work on that next week. I’ll let you know when that happens. The house is elevated around 5-6 metres from the back road level.
Have I mentioned that I love my view?

Can you see that piece of machinery on the back of the block? That is to be my future sewing studio. My husband will have 3 garages to call his own, but I will have that “Stitching Haven” back there.

We choose our flooring and carpet in a few weeks. That is the last of the decisions which need to be made. Everything else has been chosen. Bricks. Roof. Paint. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Door knobs. Window frames. Everything.

I’ve started to dream about the sewing room. And furnishing it. A space to call my own. To create and have enough space to store everything.

Source: viaAnorina on Pinterest

I’ve been on Pinterest (as you do). I love the Hemnes from Ikea and think one of these would be nice to store precuts behind the glass doors and the rest of the stash on the open shelving.

I also would like a pressing table with storage underneath. It's all about the storage, right?

I love this pressing table that QuiltJane has.

Rather than buy another new table for this project, I'd like to re-purpose our current little four seater kitchen table... well hubby will. He is a man who likes a project.

If you could start your sewing room again – what would you include?

Do you have a “Sewing Rooms” board on Pinterest?
Please share the link – I’d love to see your ideas.


  1. I intend following your progress!! By the way, no matter how much storage space you plan for your 'Stitching Haven' it will not be enough as fabric is a little like a rabbit ... one plus one = 100:)

  2. Such fun, Anorina. I will be following your housebuilding progress. I also like the Ikea Hemnes range. I have one of their chest of drawers in my bedroom and it's really nice. :) x x

  3. What a fantastic view!! That's what I'd like from my sewing room. A mission brown fence and a few straggly azaleas are not that inspiring. Love the Hemnes range too. I have several large old solid cabinets in my sewing room. I had originally planned to paint them all white but I couldn't bring myself to paint over the real timber :)

  4. I would look at these two sites:
    Both of these have really good ideas for sewing room storage. I really love the billy bookcases for storage - with wide and narrow ones next to each other. Billy have glass door but they are not completely clear, they have flowers up one side. I love the idea of displaying fabric and saw a really good post about how to create your own bolts - I think I have pinned it.
    Can't wait to see what you decide to do and I am really looking forward to seeing this progress.

  5. PS - don't forget that this is a brilliant idea for the staircase leading to your craft space. This is one of my favourite photos and posts ever!!

    Or there are these ideas:


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