A little bit of luxury goes a long way

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For too long, our bathroom has been neglected. It’s old (er) and the colours are quite dated. Teal/green tiles anyone?

We’re building our dream home and have taken great care to design the main bathroom just as we like… it’s a wet room / bathroom. We watch shows like The Block and are inspired.

So I’ve kept using the old ratty worn towels and bathmats because I keep thinking that when we have our new house, I’ll buy all new things.

But this past week Target have had their Massive Home Sale, which I couldn’t resist. We’re going to be living here until at least October, which is quite a long time so I bit the bullet and bought some lovely new items for the bathroom, which I think has made a huge difference and freshened it up somewhat.

Target Bathroom Before & After

Now keep in mind I took these photos at different times of the day and the “Before” photo was taken on an overcast dreary old day (and just before I was about to clean it).

So the first thing I bought at the Target Massive Home Sale, was towels. I was faced with a wall of towels and asked on IG and Twitter which ones I should choose.

Target Towels

Everyone suggested white or teal. Sorry people.

I ended up going with the opposite of the popular opinion and bought charcoal towels and a matching charcoal bathmat. I still need the U shaped bath mat that goes under the toilet, but they’d sold out. I’ll pop into my local Target store on the weekend and see if they’ve re-stocked. Fingers crossed!

The Cambridge 2 Pack of Bath Towels plus a hand towel were only $12. I bought 2 of these sets plus a matching bundle of face washers.

Honestly, I just think they contrast nicely with the blue/teal floor tiles. Who doesn’t love new fluffy towels?

Target Bathroom Towels

I also splurged a little bit and bought this glass hurricane candle holder and beautiful blue pillar candle. I have been watching season 1 of Revenge lately and have been secretly swooning over the home decor in these television homes of South Hampton.

Target Bathroom Glass Hurricane Candle

They’re both on sale so this little bit of luxury was an absolute bargain.

Glass Hurricane Candle Holder – was $25 /now $18.75
Rustic Pillar Candle (Blue) – was $19 / now $14.25

Wall art: I think having something pretty to look at while soaking in the tub is quite lovely. Obviously a book or one of those wall mirror/televisions are absolute opulence, but a lovely print works for me.

Bathroom Wall Art

I bought these 2 prints for only a few dollars at the cheap shop and I think they brighten up the wall quite well. When we move into the new house, I’ll take them with me and hang them in the laundry.

The laundry room is generally utilitarian and an under-decorated room isn’t it?

There are so many gorgeous prints available right now.

If you love Word Art, you won't be disappointed either.

I particularly love this print. Coffee. I love love love coffee.

Bathroom Caddy : I needed a new one for storing bottles and tubes that we use everday. I had seen this set online and searched for the Vintage Bathroom Caddy Set in-store but unfortunately it was sold out. Another item for my shopping list this weekend.


It would make a lovely gift, don’t you think? Perhaps a lovely little gift for a mum, grandmother or aunt this Easter… with some chocolate of course.

I also love the matching hand set caddy for only $8.88.


So anyways, I just bought a lovely new sponge and fluffy poofy thing (do they actually have a proper name?) and a lovely scented body wash.

No doubt, it will be the kids who have a bath and use all of these nice new things before I do. During the week, they usually have a shower but we have a tradition which we call the Sunday Soak. I fill the enormous bath and add a heap of bubble bath and let them splash around for as long as they want - or until they turn into prunes (whichever comes first).

I tossed out the old shower caddy (which had rust spots and was not looking healthy) and bought one of these 2 –tier shower caddy’s.


So all in all, a freshened up bathroom with and little bit of elbow grease and some bargain buys at the Target Massive Home Sale.

Do you need something new for your home? With winter on the way, I’d like to buy some new (bigger) doonas for the kids. And everyone needs new pillows.

It’s going to be a whopper of a shopping trip this weekend. It’s a good thing hubby will be away on a work trip ;-)

Is your laundry decorated?

Do you have a traditional bath night at your house?

After a hot and humid summer, are you looking forward to winter as much as I am?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received payment and a voucher from Target Australia. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they're so soft and fluffy. Much nicer than my current towels.

  2. same colour that i bought from target,gorgeous towels,they wash up lovely.xx

  3. Good choice - I would have chosen charcoal as well! White towels and my outdoors loving husband would not be a great mix!

    1. Or the kids. White towels and grubby hands or dirty faces. Not a good match!

  4. Looks lovely Anorina. We need to do something about our ensuite but it will need more than charcoal towels and pretty prints. We have an avocado toilets suite and basins!!!! And sadly I have to confess to actually choosing them when we built the house in 1984. I'm pleased to say my taste has improved :0 :0 :0


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