Chevron Block

I’m participating in the Riley Blake 2013 BOM this year.

Ally from Quilting Mumma and I are going to keep each other inspired to keep at it and finish it.

Block # 1  {Chevron Block}

Chevron Block 1

The first block in the BOM is a Chevron Block. I adore the Chevron block. It’s simple to put together, but I think it’s a little bit finicky with all of the seams in the back.

You can watch the instructional video HERE or if your internet connection is too slow for videos (like mine), download the PDF instructions.

The block is made up of half square triangles. I had some Denyse Schmidt fabric strips already cut from a previous project, so rather than follow tradition, I decided to do a little bit of mixing and matching of fabrics – with the white fabric being the main focus.

A little tip:

When making your HST’s, chain piecing is the fastest way to do it. When all of the squares have been sewn 1/4” beside the pencil line, don’t cut the threads and separate the blocks. Just flip over to the end, and chain piece along the other side of the line.

Chevron Block 1 - 3

One block finished, now just to wait for the next one. Pop on over and have a look at Ally’s Chevron block. It’s the same design, but as she’s used different fabrics, it looks so different. Love it!

Do you like participating in BOM’s?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about a BOM = Block Of the Month


  1. Your block looks really bright and cheerful. Might give it a go. I am also doing another bom from craftsy, its free to

  2. Your block looks great! I've never participated in a BOM but they sound like fun!

  3. Love the new look on the chevron block !

  4. this is really pretty. i love how the white highlights the pinks. thanks for sharing instructions.

  5. Wow I really like the fabric that you chose to do your block....Very pretty.

  6. Really pretty and unique! I also do my HSTs this way. :) Can I ask how you are storing your block for 9 months? I've never done a BOM before and I'm worried about mine being frayed to bits!


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