31 January 2013

Tap Dancing into her First Day of School

Well I survived, but most importantly my little girl settled into her classroom quickly and without bother.

There were a few kids, clinging to their parents and a sprinkling of teary mums - but all in all it was an exciting start to the school and learning adventure.

And, she has tested out her new school shoes and decided that they're perfect for tap dancing, out on the deck.

Do you remember your first day of school?


  1. She looks adorable in that blue dress! My first day of school I remember that every time the buzzer went off I asked if it was lunch time yet. Actually I think this happened for the first week.... I must not have been getting a very good breakfast. :D

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww. She looks so cute in that adorable dress! I'm glad she had an exciting day! First days are always fun.

  3. holy smokes! that is the cutest kid on her first day of school EVER! Too, too, sweet. Hope her first day is amazing!

  4. Se não é uma boneca dançando...Linda!Já faz muito temmmmpo mas lembro que fui com meu pai,na garupa da bicicleta e não chorei,mas não via a hora de voltar e ficar com meus irmãos,queria que eles fossem comigo....Bençãos.

  5. Glad you had a good start, Amelia, and it wasn't too traumatic for you, Anorina. Remember my first day? Not likely! But I do remember the end of DD's first day - twenty-two years ago": "I don't like my teacher. She doesn't like me. And I'm not going back ever!" And from that day on, I had to fight every day to get her to school on time! Consider yourself blessed if your kids go happily!

  6. She is adorable. Im glad that you both survived and had a great time. This will be remembered by both of you. Nope, dont remember my first day. LOL too long ago.


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