Road Tripping & Hand Quilting

The car is packed and we're half way through the 1000km drive to Melbourne.

I've heard many reports from friends in the southern states that we're heading into a heat wave of 40+ degrees for the next few days.

Eeeeek! Not looking forward to the heat. At. All.

I needed a project for our time away, so I've put together some of the leftover scraps from the Scrappy Trip Along quilt blocks.

Not the best photo. Sorry.

Last night, I fused pellon to the back and now I'm hand quilting this big block. It helps pass the time while hubby takes his turn at the wheel.

If you're on Instagram, and want to see a little bit of the journey between Sydney and Melbourne, I'm updating often.

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    1. Thank you!! I got them done yesterday and the colour is growing on me. I normally just go for red

  2. That's quite a trip in the heat with two kids. Hope your accommodation (in laws?) have air conditioning.

  3. Oops, forgot to mention your block. Everyone else in the blogisphere seems to be making blocks made from squares. I like yours because it's different!

  4. Yep, summer has arrived in Adelaide - at least 44 degrees today! One day off tomorrow with 31 then up back to 38 Sunday and 40's next week. I can handle the high 30's its the 40+ days that make me want to melt, they just suck every bit of moisture out of everything. Fingers crossed the power stays on for the airconditioner. Love your sparkly nail polish. Have a fun and safe trip!

  5. have a lovely trip... hopefully the heat wave won't last too long....


  6. Enjoy your trip. We had the heat in Perth for Christmas. Love your block and the amazingly even hand quilting!

  7. It is very hot here in Melbourne - hope where you are staying has air conditioning.


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