{Kids Craft} Painting Words

We're half way through the summer school holidays and my daughter isn't getting her usual dose of painting.

At pre-school she used to produce numerous works of art. Daily! Every day! Lots of them!

I think she's missing being in that creative space.

I was at Spotlight the other day and came across a wall, filled to the ceiling, with words.

Wooden words, all ready to paint. For only a couple of dollars each, I knew they'd be we'll received by my little artist.

Well, painting she has been doing. Luckily her nan is a woman with all sorts of supplies on had and the courage to let her granddaughter's go for it.

A couple of words painted in bright, happy colours and a magical wand... with sparkles! And a happy girl. What more could we want?

Have your kids been crafting these summer holidays?


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