Shopping for Homewares

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Target opened a brand spanking new store in my local area last week. Being that I had both kids at their schools, I decided that I wouldn’t mind stopping in there to see what goodies I could find.

Honestly, it was crazy busy but the excitement in the other shoppers was palpable.

I did get the teensiest bit distracted with all of the opening day bargains, but I was a woman on a mission! I was there to search for fun yet practical homewares.

Let me ask you this question - what is a “homeware”? For me, I think it’s something you use in the home or kitchen? Something to decorate your home? I took a bit of a broad approach to homewares and this is what I came up with.
First I’ll start with Jamie Oliver. His latest range is fun and quirky yet rustic and practical… just like him (if I actually knew him that is).

Target Jamie Oliver

Gorgeous owls with open backs where you can insert a tea-light candle. So, so cute! I love owls and these are gorgeous with sparkling eyes. A great price and they’d make a great gift for a friend who also loves owls *hint, hint*.

Target Homewares 1

I adore soft furnishings and these cushions are perfect for my home this Christmas. The fabrics are strong and the colours are neutral. Perfect! Yes they made it into my shopping trolley.

Target Homewares 3

I adore French themed decorator items and this clock just grabbed me straight away. Oh, let me re-phrase that – I grabbed this clock, straight away!

Check out that price on the top right corner. It was only $29. What an absolute bargain!

Target Homewares 4

Some wise words to hang in a home. Great to read and act upon before leaving for the day.

Target Homewares 2

Another cute little gift idea is this key holder which is only $15. Canaries maybe?

Target Homewares 5

And for the kids (and the kids at heard), these fun kitchen gadgets. Fairy Floss makers, chocolate fountains, popcorn machines and slushie makers. All so much fun!

Target Homewares

My kids would absolutely love a Slushie Maker for the upcoming hot summer days.

If given the choice, which one would you take home?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received payment and a voucher from Target. All thoughts and images are my own


  1. I don't believe it, a cup cake maker! Really? The things they come up with!

    1. LOL - all fun things which I'm sure the kids would love :)

  2. That birdie key holder thingy has my name written all over it! I must go and check out that new Target soon.

    1. Yes it's super cute. I just need my own house to be able to buy all of these things. It's going to be a big one, next Christmas :)

  3. I would have to 'steal' (sorry borrow those cushions. Too perfect if that is possible.

  4. Love the Christmas cushions at Target - very stylish!

  5. To be honest i'm not a fan of Jamie oliver therefore i would stay away from his stuff. But everything else is really great. Homeware's are one thing i don't mind spending on because they are something that adds to your home. I believe homewares are an extension to you and your home and if they don't go well together then your home is going to turn into a house. So always best to spend that little extra on the things you love that are also practical. My partner likes poppies so Rayware would be quite popular in our house.


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