Collect Sweet Summer Memories

In this digital age, we are crazy and slightly manic photographers. Okay, perhaps more than slightly…

We capture hundreds of images on our cameras or phones, hoping to keep memories alive. With this ability to capture so many moments, we also seem file them away, almost as quickly.

Our memories sit on little SD cards or in the innards of our computer hard drives. Waiting and forgotten as our busy lives move forward at an ever increasing pace.
We have the best intentions of printing pictures and displaying them around us, but honestly how often does this actually happen?

I can’t remember the last time I actually had photographs printed. Other than school photos and Christmas Santa photos, everything is stored away on computer hard drives, which in reality is really quite sad.

Sweet Summer Memories

Rather than photograph everything, why not collect small handfuls of memories… make this summer memorable and grab those little reminders, from different beaches, from different holidays, from different states or from different countries… shells, stones, leaves, feathers, whatever you come across.

Keep your summer memories and display them on a plate or in a bowl. Keep them for your home and for your family.

Do you have a memories bowl in your home?

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