Christmas Lights

We have a tradition in our family. In the lead up to Christmas, we wait until twilight and then hop into the car and drive around the neighborhood - searching out houses with pretty Christmas lights.

This year, the lights were spectacular and definitely put an extra little bit of Christmas cheer into the community!

There is one house which not only has lights, but music too. You tune into a radio station and watch the light show, flashing away in time to the music. One word describes this house. AMAZING!

Here is a shot when is was focused in pink/purple.

And here when it was blue.

Hubby loves everything about Christmas, but especially the lights. Next year, when we're in our new house, he plans on rivaling Clarke Griswald in the light spectacular.

Do you decorate your home with lots of lights or do you prefer to drive around the community to see the displays?


  1. Hi
    Have you seen this site. I know it doesn't list all the light displays but it helps if you don't know your neighborhood.
    Although the one you found is totally awesome. I was sent a video a couple of years ago of a light display that was set to music and it was totally amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Today I put one tiny strand of white lights around the edges of our front door, and hung a wreath in the centre. Stick a fork in it, I thought. Done!
    My 8 yr old thought they looked great, and then he said "and now for the rest of the house mum."

    Jeez Louise.


  3. We have our own small light display. In 1994 our street of sixteen houses won the award for best street in the "Light Up C...." Competition! You'd never know it now, eight years on, people have moved and kids have grown. Enthusiasm is not what it once was! But ... Our next door neighbours, who have never decorated for Christmas before, put tinsel on their trees and letterbox this year at the instigation of their nearly four year old son!

  4. wow thankyou for sharing Anorina,we drive around and look,they are so pretty.xx

  5. Lovely lights and excellent pictures!!! Glad you shared it.

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