Technicolour Dream… Capes

Amelia graduates from preschool soon. Where the time has gone, I have no idea, but in a few short weeks she will finish her preschool career and head over to big school. Boo Hoo!

For the Christmas concert, her class is performing a song/dance based on Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat.

I have the task of making the technicolour dreamcoats… well actually they’re technicolour dream-capes.

Here is the first one I made.


I have since tweaked it to make it simpler and faster. That gathering up top was driving me slightly batty.

This morning, I posted this photo on Facebook. My messy sewing table.



I really enjoy playing with bright, vibrant, happy fabric. It makes the process so much fun.

Tomorrow, I will take a proper photo of the finished cape – well all of the finished capes. I cannot wait to see them up on stage. I may even get slightly emotional watching my baby up there.

Tonight though, I will be sewing on velcro closure tabs to the neck tie.


What is happening in your sewing space this week?




  1. Very bright indeed! Enjoy the concert and don't worry about the tears!

    My sewing will, I hope, consist of finishing the quilting of my niece's due-in-April baby's quilt and finishing the third of my three Christmas trees for a wall hanging.

  2. I wish I was sewing something, anything!!! But my Miss two had her tonsils out so we are spending a LOT of time on the couch watching Tinkerbell.
    Hopefully next week will be better. I love the capes though. Hope they "draw back the curtain, to see for certain" etc. LOVE Joseph and his coat musical!!

  3. I love the capes! Sounds like it will be a great concert, although no doubt sad. Samuel doesn't start school until 2015 and by that stage I will have known the pre-school teachers for something like 8 years! It will be emotional watching Samuel go off to big school. Good luck with the rest of the sewing! xx

  4. What a cute cape! The kids are going to look adorable at their end of year concert. You're such a good mum helping them out.


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