Target essentials - more than just undies

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I love Target. You may have heard me say this before.

I shop there – very regularly. Every Thursday, my friend Kylie and I drop off our kids at their various schools and then catch up at our local shopping centre for coffee and some retail therapy.

Target Lover + Blogger = I am now a Target Blogger. Yay!

So for my first post, Target gifted me with a voucher, to spend on Women’s Essentials.

What is a Target Essentials product? It is the Target quality you trust, at the everyday low prices you love.

I dropped my kids off at school, and with my husband in tow (I did promise him lunch afterwards), we went to have some shopping fun! Okay, for me, shopping is fun. To him, shopping is something to be tolerated. This is where the lunch bribe comes in.

So I set about looking for the signage for Target Essentials in the store.

Target Essentials

I went straight over to the underwear section. Everyone wears underwear, right? Nothing to be shy about.

I always buy the 5 packs of undies from Target, but had never noticed that they were part of the Target Essentials range.

Excellent! I popped a couple of packets into my trolley.

Husband stood there playing with his phone and not complaining or yawning (yet). Lunch was on offer after all.

Target Essentials Underwear sameliasmum

I went over to the women’s clothes sections which was crazy busy. I just happened to be there the day that the new Roberto Cavalli range was released. A lot of very excitable women were grabbing clothes with much, ahem… exuberance and glee.

This was not looking good for husband… and his patience levels. He wandered off to look at sneakers. I had a good 8 minutes of shopping time left.

Me? I was there for the essentials. Basic, everyday items which are of excellent quality, but not overly expensive.

  Target Essentials sameliasmum
With summer just about here, I was in desperate need of some new t-shirts for everyday wear. I picked up a couple of t-shirts and popped them into my trolley. One blue. One pink. Score!

Target Women’s Essentials. Oh how I enjoyed spending some time with you… and bringing some essentials home with me.

Do you shop at Target?

Which department is your favourite?

For me, it’s the home wares. Oh and the serving ware. Love the serving ware. I have my eye on a glass cake dome for my new house. New cake dome means lots more baking to keep it filled with yumminess.

And in case you were wondering, husband did get to go out to lunch after being towed around the shopping centre. I am too good to him :)

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Target gift voucher. All opinions are my own.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time Anorina and lots of good buys there,i only shop at target i love the quality of their items,i love shopping in all their departments,lol..xx

    1. I love the quality of their items too (and I love all their departments)... or maybe I just like to shop x

  2. I love the home decor section and the dish section of Target! Of course, the toys are always fun and I often buy my grandchildren's gifts there.

  3. We have a Baby Target in our Local Shopping Centre, but recently, I have noticed it slowly getting more 'non-baby' things ;-) Now, I pop in every week to see what other 'non-baby' things they have added ;-) I must admit, I always check out the clothes and handbags ;-)

  4. I love the Target underwear too! I had a slight heart flutter during the week when I realised that I was getting down to my last few loaf tin liners. I panicked because I couldn't remember where I bought them. I turned the packaging upside down to see that they were from Target! Phew...they are fantastic, as they are disposable, the loaf tin doesn't need greasing and it barely even needs a wash after baking! Love Target!!

  5. I love shopping at the Target here, it's so nice and big with great deals. Not looking forward to moving away from it!

  6. I'm a Big W fan myself but K-Mart is also improving!

  7. You must have a better Target than Armidale. Target Country is sorely lacking in anything. I live in hope that our Target will become worth shopping at.

  8. I also love the Target panties.,My family shop at target i love the quality of their items.


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