Camp Quality Convoy 2012

It is Convoy day here in the Illawarra. A day when the community comes together to raise money for Camp Quality, who help to brighten the lives of kids living with cancer and their families.

Our hearts swell with pride to be a part of this community. We marvel at the generosity of our local businesses and everyday people.


i98 Convoy 2012 - logo


The i98 FM's Camp Quality Convoy started back in 2005 by i98 FM (our local radio station). This is it’s biggest year to date.

The week leading up to Convoy is when it all gets exciting on i98. We listen to the radio, with baited breath as local trucking and transport companies bid to be the lead truck in the convoy. On the Friday morning, the broadcast is dedicated to the big players. It is the highest honour to be THE truck, leading the 1000+ motorbikes and 750 trucks in the convoy.

This year, MJ Rowles raised $110,000 and here she is, big and proud, leading the charge down the mountain and through the Illawarra region.




People line the streets to wave, cheer and enjoy the feeling that we have come together as a community… as one.




Many trucks display photos, messages and tributes to family and friends who have lost their battles with cancer.




Horns were deafening and blared with abandon. Sirens wailed. Fire Trucks. Police vans. Even Mack (Cars movies) made an appearance at convoy.




Everyone waved. Flags were held high. Tears of pride were shed. The community was together.

Trucks, such a big part of this community of mining, industrial and blue-collar workers, were polished and gleaming in the sunshine – they were the heroes of this day.

Convoy sameliasmum








i98FM CAMP QUALITY CONVOY – Bringing the Illawarra together


i98 Convoy 2012 - CB Collage


  1. Thanks for posting these photos Anorina. We didn't make it to watch this year. What a fantastic community event for a great cause.

  2. What a great community event - I bet Mack is popular


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