Kids: Sandwich Wraps & Teachers Gifts

A few weeks ago, I attended a lovely event for Bloggers, hosted by Howard's Storage World.

It was held in Vaucluse - for those not in Sydney, Vaucluse is very exclusive, very posh and very beautiful. The roads are narrow and filled with imported European cars. My big old Ford was feeling very clumsy indeed.

We were served a yummy high tea whilst discussing storage solutions.

Yes the plate is almost empty. I should have taken a photo a little earlier.

Personally, I'm always on the lookout for storage ideas for my ever increasing fabric and craft goodies.

Did you know that HSW sell clear, plastic lidded boxes, which are intended for storing shoes, but which would be perfect to store FQ's?

Once my new sewing studio is set up, I just may need to look into this option more thoroughly.

The bloggers in attendance were also gifted a gorgeous goody bag with products sold at HSW.

Now generally, I wouldn't dedicate a whole blog post to an item I received in a goody bag, but if you make school sandwiches as often as I do, you'll understand my joy.

The sandwich wrap:

It's a plastic envelope thingy, to wrap a sandwich which can then be rinsed and used again and again and again...

The only problem is ensuring the kids bring it back home, rather than toss it into the bin at school.

My brain, being of the crafty sort, has already contemplated making a few of these wraps. With soooo many pretty laminated fabrics on the market, it could be a great project to make and give to teachers and school friends, for end of year gifts.

It's the first day of Term 4, and I'm already contemplating teacher gifts ;-) What's next? Christmas projects?

What handmade projects make a great end of year gifts for teachers and school friends?


  1. we love our sandwich wraps and this term school is running a fundraiser to sell them, I'm planning on buying a few more, they are handy for all sorts of things.

  2. what a great idea Anorina,do you know the price of the lunch bags? xx

  3. Clear shoe boxes are life savers. I buy them by box of 20 in Costco. I store everything in them - from scraps to projects and fat quarters. Sometimes I even use them for shoes. I do not know about Australia but here they are very inexpensive.

  4. Thats a great sandwich project! On my to do list!

  5. What a great idea for sandwiches!!! Our school the teacher has a sweet tooth, so tis christmas treats for her :)

  6. Love the sandwich wraps! Probably should make sure whatever fabric you use is food safe...Wouldn't want to be wrapping our kids sandwichs in something toxic. Sorry to get heavy, just a thought!

  7. Very cute and practical but, as you say, children are good at losing things!


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