Ballet, Markets & Indiana Jones

It's been a busy, yet lazy weekend. We had moments of rushing around like crazy combined with moments of just lazing around the house.

We had no real plans other than Amelia's ballet photo shoot on Saturday morning.

My girl loves ballet, but what she loves more, is getting dressed up in her costume, hair done and make up applied.

We had breakfast and then went to work on transforming my little curly haired girl into a ballerina.

The dance which her class will perform is called "Circus Clown". The parents have had a little bit of a sneak peek and I have to say, it's super cute.

How could a group of little girls in leotards and ballet skirts, performing in front of the mirror, not be completely cute?

This morning we had a wonderful morning at the Shellharbour Village Harbourside Markets. It's a short walk from where we live and I love any reason to visit a market :)

It's a gorgeous little market with stalls of beautiful crafts and the most interesting handmade goodies...

... like these handmade goat leather journals.

The work and detail on the leather is absolutely stunning. The paper is thick and luxurious. Hubby couldn't resist and bought one.

He's not sure what to use it for (other than pretending he is Indiana Jones) but I suggested whatever it is, he'd better make sure he's using his super neat hand writing. Does your husband/ partner have neat and legible handwriting?

I settled for some pretty flowers. Not sure what they're called but the colours are soooo vibrant and beautiful.

This evening, I'm playing with some Swoon.

These colours aren't my usual style but they're growing on me.

A relaxing evening sewing before the weekly madness begins again tomorrow.

Did you have a nice weekend?


  1. I think your flowers are sweet williams. :)

  2. lovely post Anorina.xx

  3. They are Sweet Williams, related to carnations.
    Love the journal.
    Are yes, I remember the dancing days - my own and DD's! Watch those stage mums -- they're scary!

  4. Yes they do look a little like carnations. Thanks Lynne :)

    PS Yes some dance mums are SCARY!

  5. OMGosh...she looks so different with straight hair!! The girls looked seriously adorable Saturday morning. I can't wait to see the photos.


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