Stitch a Pig

I have a little girl.
Her name is Amelia.
She is small and very funny.
(Hands up, who picked up the Charlie & Lola reference?)

Amelia has been desperate to learn to sew. She sees mummy (me) sewing and keeps asking (well, nagging really) if she can have a turn.

Last month was her birthday. She turned 5. I figure 5 is a good age to be introduced to sewing, don't you?

We bought her this cute little sewing project - specifically designed for kids. It included all that was required to make a little pig including a plastic needle.

She thoroughly enjoyed her first sewing experience. I'm pleased that my little girl loves sewing as much as I do.

She's starting asking (well nagging, really) when she can sew some more.

Sewing with kids: what projects can I prepare for her to sew?

I'd love your suggestions.


  1. Those kits are wonderful. I found one that was similar - a cat... I've had trouble being patient enough to let my 6 year old use my sewing machine, but we made a pillow case "together" that was not too bad, and we've done some applique work, where I let her use the iron and design the applique.

    And... I LOVE Charlie and Lola, I reference that line all the time :)

  2. that is the cutest pig i have ever seen Amelia,well done.xx

  3. Great job Amelia! My daughter wouldn't let up also, so I started her when she was 4. We started out with Calico, Perle Cotton and Wool needles. She drew a big basic flower shape that I transferred to the front and back of the calico with lead pencil. I put the calico into a hoop and showed her how to do a simple running stitch. By making sure that pencil lines are on the back as well it was much easier for her to turn the project over and keep following the lines. When she got sick of that, we modified the embroidery project to be appliqué. She chose some fabrics and I transferred her drawings (often simple hearts) to the fabric using vliesofix. I ironed the shapes to the calico and then let her running stitch those in place. These little projects were often turned into toy pillows that she got to stuff. Last year she made some xmas decorations with felt and buttons. They were very similar in style to Amelia's pig.
    Now at 5 and a half she wants to learn how to knit! With knitting needles - not the knitting doll. That one is not going quite so well. Good luck finding some projects.

  4. Maybe a really simple pouch? The drawstring kind. That can be done by handstitching and it's pretty easy. All you need is a small piece of fabric, fold and she can hand sew the sides and the top and put some strings/ribbons and she's got a pouch! :)

  5. Pillowcase? Throw Pillow. Mini doll quilt (just square patchwork) for a special doll or furry friend? My boys' first project with my sewing machine were felt monsters!

  6. Good on you Milly! That looks fab! One of my first sewing projects was a little pillow stuff tight with wading that I used as a pin cushion...easy and practical.


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