Happy Father's Day!

My kids were a little sad that their daddy is away at work, on Father's Day.

Sam asked why his dad has to be away when all his friends' dads were at home today :-(

Hubby was a little sad on the other side of the country all by himself... no breakfast in bed or good morning cuddles.

We called him, but it didn't seem enough - so we made a little photo mosaic to let daddy know how we feel.

We look forward to spoiling you on Wednesday, when you come home, Daddy-O.


  1. So he will be doubly blessed - love from a distance today, love in person later! Happy Fathers Day, Samelia's Dad!

  2. Yes, he will be extra spoiled on Wednesday. Plus we can buy extra Fathers Day goodies (and half price).

  3. Yes, they were being surprisingly co-operative x


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