What do a penguin, mushroom and beetle have in common?

Day One

And here is the first pile of boxes ready to go into storage for the next year.

Here in these boxes, cocooned and safe, in double thick cardboard, are the contents of our bookshelf and the buffet/hutch.

I've tried to be ruthless with what we keep, donate and turf.

So far, in the "to donate" box, I have these 2 orphaned glasses which were originally from a set of 8.

They have penguins, beetles and mushroom designs on them.

I think I bought them from Ikea a few years ago. Why I bought them, I cannot tell you. Ikea has a tonne of more beautiful glassware on offer.

These 2 little glasses will go to my local Salvo's store. I wonder if anyone will appreciate that quirky little mushrooms and buy them.

Hmmm... probably not.

Maybe I could just wrap them in newspaper and hide them in a box with the rest of the glasses they've so happily lived with for so long.

Hubby is busy cleaning out and packing his shed. He won't notice a thing...

Do you have any strange or just plain ugly items, you just can't bare to part with?



  1. i think those 2 glasses are cute Anorina,but then again new glasswear for your new home sounds good also.lol.xx

  2. I SO wish I lived near you, I would love those cute penguin glasses and give them a good home!!

  3. In 2000 I did a fine arts course. A friend of mine, who makes stained glass, gave me a box of coloured glass off-cuts to use in an assignment. I kept that box of off-cuts for years - the colours were so pretty I couldn't bear to part with the little pieces. But when the guys from the local glass company came to fit a new shower screen, WM asked if they would take the pieces for recycling -- and they did! ;-(


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