08 September 2012

Cupcake Frenzy

It's not her birthday until Monday, but today, Amelia is having a few of her pre-school friends gather at a local play centre to celebrate.

I spent the morning baking pink cupcakes and then after dinner, we decorated them together.

I found some cute little edible butterflies from a bakery in Victoria - on eBay.

I piped and Amelia gently folded the butterfly wings and placed the butterflies on the cakes. Just look at that concentration!

Pink cupcakes, with pink frosting and butterflies. Perfect!

What is happening at your place this weekend?


  1. those are so gorgeous... such lovely shiny frosting... and the butterflies are just so sweet... perfect for Amelia... happy birthday sweet girl....

  2. happy birthday Amelia,those cakes are so sweet,have an awesome day sweetie.xx

  3. Those cakes look fabulous. Hope Amelia has a wonderful day

  4. Aww what beautiful images, love the little cupcake top to match the cupcake decorating :) They look delicious too! Hope your little lady has a lovely birthday celebration xo

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Amelia! Those cakes look delicious. This weekend's plans - today I went to visit my friend & her newborn baby at the hospital and tomorrow afternoon my Mum & Stepdad are coming to our new town for 2 days! Visitor set #3.

  6. I have had a lovely weekend -- I have been away at a Christian Women's conference from Friday evening till Sunday lunchtime. I have been home about two hours now -- I had lunch and a drink, talked to my husband and unpacked; now I'm catching up on my emails and favourite blogs.

    Happy Birthday Miss Amelia!

  7. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Thank you. She is super excited to be 5.

  8. Awwww baby cuddles! Enjoy the visitors :)

  9. She had a fabulous day and was super spoilt :)

  10. She ate about 12 of them! She's so excited about her birthday - even went to bed early so tomorrow could come faster.


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