Are you jolly enough?

Department stores are beginning to get ready for their Christmas sale period.

I've seen comments and countdowns begin on twitter and Facebook.

This morning, this ad was in my local paper.

It's too soon - isn't it??

Does thinking about Christmas (while it's only September) make you jolly, or are you in the more "bah humbug" frame of mind?


  1. Not jolly...not bah humbug...just in complete denial that another Christmas is coming so soon!! lol

  2. Fifteen weeks yesterday! It makes sense that they'd be advertising and interviewing now. Hopefully they also give some training. That job requires humongous patience and I've seen quite a few grumpy red suits in my time! And call me old-fashioned if you like, but a female is very disconcerting!

    As for me, I have been buying presents throughout the year as I see them. My sister is coming to Sydney for a couple of days at the end of October so I intend to make my puddings then so she nad her nearly-seventeen-year-old son can throw in a three pence and make a wish!

  3. Way too early to be thinking about it!


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