My pink "little" lady

My little lady starts big school next year.

She's super excited... but I will miss my little pink shopping companion.

She has discovered coloured jeans. Here she is, with Mr and Sam, on the weekend, in her pink (coral) ones.

And here she is with her new purple skinny jeans. She chose them herself and now won't take them off.

Has your little person discovered the new coloured jeans - of the season?


  1. Karen Leschnik rambling mumAugust 15, 2012 at 10:29 PM

    Yes! We have pale purple ones from Target Country. I almost bought her bright pink ones the other day, but restrained myself!

  2. Have you discovered "Next Direct". If you have do not let your gorgoeus girl look at the kids pages, they have the best jeans in all different colours and most of them have adjustable waists.
    Love the purple skinny jeans. Denim is best if worn regularly and washed infrequently after all!!

  3. Oooooh no I haven't heard of Next Direct. I must look them up. Thanks Mhairi x

  4. Our Target sold out of the coloured jeans (other than toddler sizes). We ended up finding the last size 5's at Big W. Yes, go the bright pink ones!!

  5. No little person here to care but this much bigger (and older) person decided she was too old for them and bought her standard black!


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