Five Friday Finds

I love finding new “stuff”. Be it a new way to wear my hair, a television show I’d not seen before, or a new way to eat banana bread. I just love learning about new or different things.

So on Fridays, here at Samelia’s Mum, I’ll be sharing “Five Friday Finds”.

More importantly, I’d love it if you shared with us, some of your “Friday Finds”.

So to kick it off, here are the Five Friday Finds:

1. Stage Fright

I’m reading this book by Marianne Delacourt. It’s fast, funny and an easy read. If you love the Janet Evanovich style, I think you will love Stage Fright too.

Stage Fright

I really wish I’d discovered this author before but will be sure to look out for her work in future.


2. Jenga

I didn’t play Jenga as a child. When I was at the Target Toy Sale a couple of months ago, I came across the Parker Brothers stand and picked up Jenga for $10. I put it away in my gift box, thinking that it may be a good gift for a kids birthday. It’s seems to be high birthday season around here and the kids are invited to many birthday parties, over the next few weeks.

Anyways, Jenga didn’t make it as a gift. Instead we brought it with us on our mini break.

Jenga 2

We played for the first time yesterday and geez, it is fun! A new family favourite – for sure!

Jenga 1

Did you play Jenga when you were young?


3. Pink Poppy

This is Amelia’s addition to the Five Friday Finds. She received a little sample pack from Pink Poppy and is obsessed with her lip gloss and floral sunglasses.

Pink Poppy 2    Pink Poppy 1

The stick on earrings didn’t really stick to her ears too well, so we decided to use them as a bit of bling on her cheek instead.


4. Big Brother

Love it or hate it – everyone seems to have an opinion.

I watched it back when it was on years ago… and enjoy watching it again now.


5. Spotlight Quilting Expo

Spotlight is the biggest fabric and haby store in Australia.

Saturday 8 September 2012 is the Spotlight Quilting Expo.



Look out for VIP sales and discounts on the day.


Plus a Patchwork Competition to win an Elna sewing machine.


Do you have any Friday Finds?

We’d love to hear about them.

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  1. New favourite author - Kate Morton.
    New game (untried) - Jenga!

    PS I hope you're not too disappointed on 8 Sept; DD and I went last year and it was not what it was described.


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