08 July 2012

Weekend Sewing: Tooth Fairy Pillow Palooza

The school fair is fast approaching and this year I’m feeling a little bit behind. With the upcoming house selling, moving and building – my mind has been on other things.

I knuckled down yesterday and managed to make this mini-mountain of Tooth Fairy Pillows – all pretty and ready to sell at the fair.

The Samelia’s Mum Tooth Fairy Pillow TUTORIAL can be found HERE.

I’ve made boyish ones and girly ones… and some generic sort of coloured ones.
Some have ribbon (to hang on the door knob or a drawer) and some don’t. These ones that don’t have ribbon can be placed under the child’s pillow, though the Tooth Fairy needs to have stealth-like skills to access it.

Tooth Fairy Pillow - Gypsy Girl

The boy ones were made with a charm pack of Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski and the girl ones are made up with Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury (my latest favourite fabric range).

Tooth Fairy Pillow - Ten Little Things

I bought a 2 pack of cheap pillows from Big W (or K-Mart) for $5. I’m using the stuffing out of these, rather than buying poly-fill which is more expensive, for less volume.

What are you making this weekend?


  1. So cute, what a neat idea for a fund raiser!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

  2. what a great idea Anorina,these will be good sellers and the fabric you chose is gorgeous.xx

    1. Thanks Shez. I keep thinking I should make some more to sell at the fair - just not sure how they'll sell. I can always make more next year.

  3. They look gorgeous Anorina - and what a great idea! I think you're super mum for getting all this done with all the house stuff going on!

  4. Ha, I can see little children not worrying about losing a tooth [unlike one who I know very well who managed to sneeze a tooth out!] They should sell well as they are lovely:)

  5. I made eighteen blue blocks for the Rainbow Scrappy challenge and knitted on a blanket and some bed socks.

  6. Ooh Anorina my gorgeous girl, great timing, my son just lost his 2nd tooth (we lose them slow in this house, he's 8.5 years old!!) His eldest sister finally lost her last baby tooth at the end of year 7, the twins still have lots of baby teeth at almost 11. Phew, that is one slow job for the tooth fairy. Love to you, love Posie

  7. These are fantastic. I love all the different colours, I bet there will be a very long line at the stall as the children try to decide which one to take home.
    Can't believe you can get these done after your huge year, I am sure that the fair will be a success especially for any parents who are worrying about the tooth fairy and losing teeth.


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