Girls + Beads = A Perfect Match

Little girls love sparkle and bling. The sparklier, the better.

Amelia has an enormous collection of necklaces and bracelets and tiaras and head bands and accessories. She often likes to wear, as much as possible, all at once.

She has self styled here. I know – it’s quite a look. This necklace was courtesy of daddy - after a work trip to Hawaii.

Bag Lady Milly

Yesterday, one of Amelia’s little friends had a birthday party – at a bead shop. Can it get more perfect?

A group of little girls, sitting around a table with big bowls of beads in front of them – all ready to make their own jewellery. Add to that a side of fairy bread, marshmallows and green cordial. It was a perfect day.

Her birthday is in September. She turns 5 (I don’t even want to think about the fact that my baby starts school next year).

I’d thought of hiring one of those Princess Fairy ladies who come to the party and paint the kids faces and play games… while the mums chat and drink wine coffee.

I wonder if I can hire a Princess Fairy who delivers beads (and then cleans up after a squillion of those things falls all over the floor) - Now there is a plan.

I’m looking for party ideas for 5 year old girls.

What do you suggest?

We were at Bead Shack in Gerringong, NSW. If you’re in the area or want to buy online, check out


  1. Oh Anorina your little girl is just so cute and she has dressed yourself up very nice,might be a designer in the making.My grand-daughter turns 5 this week and she is having a fairy party on the weekend.xx

    1. Thank you. Yes a fairy party is high on her list. What she has confirmed is that she wants fairy bread, cupcakes and no boys. Not sure what we'll do with Sam. A dress perhaps?

      Happy Birthday to your little lady! Hope she has a fab day x

  2. So cute! I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful!

  3. Marvellous idea to hold a bead party!!! Creative and fun. You have a few months to think of an idea for Amelia:)

  4. Oh I'm so excited! My baby girl is only a newbie but I can't wait for beads and glitter and all things girly :)

  5. I love the idea of a bead party or a baking party. If you buy a packet of Milk Arrowroots the girls can decorate them themselves and you can give aprons and hats as party bags. There is a great range of baking patterns here:
    This is the last pattern in the series so check out the other ones listed at the start of the post too.
    My little girl is into dinosaurs and trucks so no such cuteness for me yet. Hopefully in a few years.

  6. Your adorable little Amelia is a future fashionista!


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