I {Heart} Darling Harbour

I {heart} Darling Harbour in Sydney.

A little while back, www.wotif.com had fantastic deals for hotel stays in Sydney. I snapped up a deal to stay at the ParkRoyal in Darling Harbour with a bottle of wine on arrival and late 2pm checkout. Nice!

Our stay was initially booked so that we could go to the Lady Gaga concert. We had tickets, but at the last minute sold the tickets through a friend. Best decision we could have made as neither of us were really that enthused to go to the concert after having booked our tickets 6 months earlier.

So on Saturday, after early morning kids sport, we dropped the kids off with their grandparents, and we made our way up to Sydney. It had been ages since we were in the city, without the kids, and with no set agenda. I have to say, it was fabulous.

We consumed that bottle of wine and then walked across to Darling Harbour (in a happy state), looking for a place to have dinner.

Dinner started with a yummy seafood plate to share.


And then the main meals came out.

I was a little (or a lot) disappointed with my Chicken Parmagiana. At first, it came out with a raw centre. It was sent back.



And then when my meal was replaced a few minutes later, it came out… cremated. Is that a good word for it.

I didn’t eat the charcoal Parmagiana and made comment when the waiter came to collect our plates.

He was spoke to the manager who took my meal off the final bill.

The mood dampener was quickly forgotten as there were fireworks. A few metres from where we were standing.

Unexpected fireworks. They’re the best kind, aren’t they?



Even though it was child-free, city date night, we did decide that we’d have to bring the kids up to see the fireworks while they’re on.



If you’re a sucker for fireworks, like I am, Darling Harbour will have fireworks displays most Saturday nights for the next few months. Click the link for more information.

All in all a happy evening and I can’t wait to go again.


Date night – do you have them regularly or are you like hubby and I, once every few months?


  1. Sounds like a great night out when you get fireworks! We don't have them too often but its always nice to have a break from your kids (even though mine are teenagers and nearly independent) even if its only for dinner. Having seen your seafood platter I'm getty the munchies now!

  2. Looks like the night was lovely - the seafood platter looks yummy even if the chicken was a disaster! My hubby and I went out on the weekend too - we went to see INXS who were fabulous! We don't get to go out with just the two of us together very often so it made it more special, even though our kids are teenagers now .

    1. Glad you had a great time. INXS are fantastic.
      It is lovely to get out with hubby sometimes, isn’t it?

  3. Wow, once every few months...I wish!! We have about one date night a year. Occasionally we go out to the Hunter Valley (we live there) for lunch, usually in my Husbands little blue race car. It's always fun but it sounds like I need to get out a little more... I'm really glad that you had a nice time in the city...fireworks and all... L xo

    1. Well, I may still be on on a weekend high, and am optimistic about once every few months :-)

      One day I will visit the Hunter Valley... one day! Everyone tells me it's gorgeous.

  4. Sounds great. We have occasional romantic weekends away, even though we are empty-nesters!

    1. I think it's a necessity. Time to reconnect and reminisce away from the stresses of the everyday.

  5. I have to say, it was yummy. I love prawns!


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