12 May 2012

What do you want for Mother’s Day?

I came across this opinion piece on the Sydney Morning Herald website ( and felt the need to share.

It made me laugh… because it is SO true!


MOTHER'S DAY is looming and I would like to give you all a little heads-up on what would make the day truly special. It is a simple request and it won't cost a cent.

Please don't ask me any questions on the day. That's it - the key to a perfect Mother's Day. I do not want to have to make any decisions.

Don't ask if I want breakfast in bed. Don't ask if I want to have a brunch, lunch or a special dinner. You all decide.

Read more:



If you’re a mum, I hope you have a fabulous Mothers Day.

Enjoy the cuddles.

Enjoy the hand made cards.

Enjoy the burnt toast and luke warm tea while you eat it in bed.

I hope your children and husband totally spoil you!!


  1. Very nice.

    And if asked, I know what I want for Mother's Day. I've been eyeing a new machine!

  2. Hope you get your new machine :-)
    I might start dropping hints now, about a new machine for Christmas.

  3. I so agree! Please don't ask me!


Thank you for your comment.

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