Sneeze Season… Share a Tissue (and you could win $$)

Okay, that title may sound a little gross… but it’s not. Really.

Kleenex want to encourage Australians to Share the Softness and show someone special how much they mean to you.

The Share the Softness program is designed to make it fun and easy to Share The Softness with someone special.

The simple notion of being offered a tissue is enough to make us feel just a little but better. So this winter Kleenex is offering a sample box of ‘free’ tissues for you to send to the person you choose with a personalised message about why you want to “Share The Softness” with them.

Not only will the person you send it to feel good, but you will also get the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing something.

The person you send the softness with also has the opportunity to do the same thing. The really interesting part of this concept is that you can go back online and see how the love of a soft tissue that you have is spreading.

Are you ready to Share the Softness?

Here are the SIMPLE steps:

1. Log into Facebook and head to

2. “Like” the Kleenex page and click on the “Share a pack”. Do you love my BIG RED ARROW?

Kleenex Share the Softness 2
3. Choose who you would like to Share The Softness with. 
Kleenex Share the Softness 3
Notice my BIG RED CIRCLE? If your friend isn’t on Facebook – you can still send them some love, by heading over to the Kleenex website to participate.

4. Pick a message by clicking on the numbers (just like you’re dialling an old phone) or create your own message.

I’m sending a packet to my sister, so I’ve created a little message for her. Too much you think?

Kleenex Share the Softness 4

If you know your friends address, this next step is where you enter it in – otherwise you can share a virtual pack of tissues with them.

Kleenex Share the Softness 5

What special message would you send on a tissue box, to a friend? 
Kleenex are choosing three participating bloggers, who will win a night in a swish hotel. Nice, yes?
Kleenex are also awarding a reader (of one of those 3 blogs) a $50 Westfield voucher for their favourite comment. Keep your fingers crossed. Mine are crossed too.


  1. I like the message you've sent your sister. So sweet.

  2. This beats the fact that usually all we share around is the cold or flu! Tracee xx


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