Back in the 80’s

It was around 1987 ish. Madonna, Dirty Dancing and Neighbours were of high importance… and friendship bracelets were all the rage.

I remember helping myself to my mothers embroidery threads to make bracelets. She wasn’t impressed. Especially when I used up her pretty variegated threads.

Well fast forward 25 years (ish) and I’m making these little lovelies again. Did you make these friendship bracelets too?

Friendship Bracelet 2

And while I knot, I’m reminiscing about my life back then. It was simple - though I probably didn’t think so at the time.

Boys, school, boys, homework, oh and did I mention boys?

Reminisce with me - where were you 25 years ago?



  1. lol,too long ago to remember,i think up to my knees in kids,lol.xx

  2. I was in year three. I wanted to be a bangle, and I had a horrid femullet.

  3. I was enjoying high school to the fullest! It's funny, just this weekend I was presenting at a conference with high school students and I said, "Picture this - summer 1988" and they all started laughing because they weren't born yet. Babes!

  4. I had a two turning three year old boy and lived on an island about half way out the Aleutian chain. I was teaching high school and spending my free time sewing.

  5. Lol! I know what you mean!! I was definitely a part of this craze ... but admittedly it was a little later than that ... 25 years ago I would have been in Preschool, all excited about almost turning 5!!!

  6. I was teaching and a mum of a teen and a school boy. The 80/ were the decade of Wham & Fluroi

  7. I love friendship bracelets, I taught my daughter how to make some this year. Fun.

  8. Oh yes! I was so making those too!

  9. Married ten years, one-year-old child, we bought our own business (a scuba diving shop).


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