Wine? Anyone?

It's wine making time at my parents house.

When I was still living at home, I used to hate this time of year. Wine making time.

The smell of the the grapes and the little fruit flies which seemed to be  EVERYWHERE and would get into the house – yuck.

I took the kids over to visit with mum and dad today and geez Sam was inspired.

The process is totally new to him, so he was eager to help. Very eager. Perhaps a little too helpful, which was making grandad’s BP go up a little.

Here’s Mr Sam stirring the mushy grape mix (after they’ve had their first pressing).

He looks quite pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

Here are the two wine makers, out in the back shed.



My dad is an ‘ideas’ man. He made this pressing machine. It’s got springs and a crank type thingy. They were taking it in turns to squeeze every last drop of juice from those grapes.


Vino anyone?


Red Wine


What “traditional” things do your parents still do or make?



  1. My father took up German dancing at Oktoberfests for awhile. Love the wine contraption! While visiting Crete, I've had homemade Rakki/tsikoudia which is made with the must-residue of the wine press, and it is sooo good! I'd love to see how they make that (or that someone in my family made it.)

  2. Looks like Sam is having a lot of fun! It will be a worry when he wants to try it.

  3. Wonderful and so simple the wine making is...I too love it ! Parents

  4. I want to be part of your family! mmmmmm wine! LOL! I only make bread! LOL! That doesn't get me as far as wine! :)


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