I ❤ Blogging!

As it write this on my iPhone, my husband is taking his turn in driving on the looong 10 hr journey home from Melbourne.

It's been a huge weekend filled with blogger events. For me, the best part has been meeting so many like minded women, who I've known online for a long time, and who also love blogging.

I'm returning home with a renewed love for this happy medium.

I'm curious. Many people have no idea what I'm talking about when I say I'm a blogger. Do you love blogging? And if so, why?

I'd like to link up some of your answers on a future blog post, so please let me know if you DON'T want them included.

P.S. incase you've never tried it, it's quite hard to type a post in a bumpy car!


  1. It is so true...most people I am friends with don't know what blogging is and they also don't sew. My blog is my place to talk about what I want to talk about...be it sewing clothes, quilting and all sorts of patchworky adventures that I get up to plus sometimes I show snippets of what my family is doing too. I love it because my followers have become friends who understand my need to create because they feel it too!

  2. I've only been blogging for a short time, but I'm really enjoying the connection to other women of similar interests & the inspiration I draw from them. I don't have many people around me to make that connection with, so blogging is a fun & regular way to keep in touch. Also, I am unable to make it to weekday crafting groups, so blogging gives me opportunity to ask questions & seek advice of others.

  3. My blog is like my indulgence where I can talk about the things that make my heart sing knowing there are other like minded bloggers & followers out there who get that and agree. In return I get invited in to other bloggers lives to share what they love, the ups & downs, learn new things & share our love of pretty, fluffy & furry. What's not to love about blogging! Tracee xx

  4. i love the quilt blogs and mine is only 3 month old. i learn so much and see things i wont to make followering other quilting blogs

  5. Through blogging I've discovered other autism mums and adults on the autism spectrum and found out I'm not alone and neither are my girls.

  6. First off, it was nice to meet you at the BBQ! Blogging has encouraged me to take be more alert of what's happening in our lives , no matter how petty it may be. It is a document and there have been many times when we as a family scroll back and look into the archives and be reminded of how lucky & blessed we were. And as much as I enjoy blogging, I like to read other people's blogs where I get my daily dose of inspiration & challenges. Have a good week!

  7. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it feels like a chore!


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