*Updated* Going to the movies...

*** UPDATE ***

This film is as cringe-worthy as its predecessors. Very funny. Loved it!


I’m heading out to the movies today.

Yes, it may be to the midday session, but I’m cool like that. Nana-cool.

American Pie: Reunion

I’ve seen the other American Pie films. I mean the 3 with original cast. Not the spin-off ones (they’re just watched by teenage boys, aren’t they?)

I can’t remember the last film I watched at the cinema, that didn’t involve the kids.

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?


  1. LOL! How funny!! This was the last movie I saw at the cinema!!! I saw it the day out ... and yes, at the midday session, lol!!! I LOVED it!!! .... Made me all nostalgic for those 'good old days', lol!!! If you enjoyed the originals (first three, lol), you'll enjoy this one!! Have fun!!!

  2. I can't wait to see this movie! I love the original American Pie movies! The last movie I watched @ the theater was The Hunger Games. It was pretty good but, of course, the book was better.

    1. I really need to the Hunger Games. Everyone is talking about it xo

  3. I just went to see the Hunger Games as well!! I had not been to the theater in two hnd a half years! (The one prior to that was Final Destination in 3D it came out in late Aug of 2009 and was a birthday gift!)!!
    I am just not one to go to the Theater! I do so love the American Pie, but like you not so much the spin-offs!

    1. Oh wow - thats a long time between films. Sometimes it's nice to just watch a film at home :-)

  4. hope you had a good time. my husband and i just saw the Lorax. we enjoyed it.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net


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