04 March 2012

Smurfette is Smurfalicious!

My kids are going to a birthday party this afternoon.

The little girl, whose birthday it is, LOVES the smurfs.

We've already given her a shop bought gift, but I always like to give a little bit of handmade - so I made her this Smurfette library bag.

I googled Smurfette colouring pages and found many, many designs.

I printed up a fairly simple one, drew the components onto some Heat n Bond and pressed them onto some solid fabrics. I then stitched them all down using raw edge applique in black cotton thread.

My little lady has already put in her request for a Smurfette bag too.


  1. Smurfette is so cute. I am sure she will love it. You could be smurfy busy after that party this afternoon. All the children will want one.

  2. This is too flippin' cute!!! I wish my 'baby' girl was still young enough to LOVE this...alas she's 17...

  3. A great idea. Very clever.

  4. I'm sure she will be very happy for this bag!

  5. And I tell you that black really makes it look just like the comics! GREAT job!!

  6. This reminds me of library bags I did when my kids were small, esp a "Where's Wally" one for one of my sons..... he really loved it & I think it went with him when he left home a few years ago :)

  7. What a cute idea for a birthday gift! My girls would have loved this when they were little.


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