Small Pleasures

We pulled into the shopping centre after school, one day last week.

We can across one of those shopping trolley’s which needs a coin to operate.

The previous user of the trolley had not returned the trolley to reclaim their coin.

My boy had a mission!


Shopping Trolley 1


He raced to the Coles supermarket, to return the trolley…


Shopping Trolley 2


… and claim his reward. Job well done, son!!


Shopping Trolley 3


“Mum, can I spend it at the canteen, at school tomorrow?”

Hmm… yes I suppose so.


  1. lol,kids are such charactors.xx

  2. Luv it! will he be on a continual mission to find
    lost shopping carts? Oops, guess you call them trolleys! I've never heard of paying to rent a cart. Do all the stores charge for the use of carts? Here in the US stores would save a lot of money on lost carts if they would charge to use them. Hmmm....wonder how long it will be until that practice begins here? Have a great weekend!

  3. Have school canteens really changed so that he doesn't fill up on junk? Not that he'll get much $1.


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