10 March 2012

DQS12 – The Dilemma

If you remember back to THIS post, I played with the Drunkards Path block for my DQS12 swap quilt.

I ended up hand quilting with black Perle 8 cotton.

I’m just a little bit addicted to hand quilting at the moment.


DQS12 - 1


I wasn’t sure if I liked it, so I made another one – this time a circle of geese, which was so much fun to make.

I used the free pattern from

Black solid prima homespun cotton for the background with Hoopla for the geese.

I hand quilted in a bright pink perle 8, which really stands out on the black fabric. This photo really doesn’t do it justice.


DQS12 - 2

I still wasn’t sure which one I like better, so thought, why not make a two sided mini quilt?

My partner can change it around, depending on her mood :-)

DQS12 - 3

Black binding finished it off. I’m pleased with the result.

I hope my partner likes it too.


  1. This looks great. The idea of having it double sided works so well. I hope your partner is over the moon about it!

  2. It looks awesome! The circle of flying geese is one of my fav blocks!

  3. This quilt is adorable. I think your partner will have trouble deciding which side to display.

  4. Wonderful. I'm sure she will like it. I know that I would.

  5. They're both beautiful! Your partner is one lucky gal.

  6. wow! they both look great, like a reversible table topper.... what a great idea to have one on each side.... love the quilting

  7. I love both of them! Your partner will be thrilled especially since she can flip it over to have a "new" wall hanging.

  8. So beautiful! I love a black background wroth color.

  9. So beautiful! I love a black background wroth color.

  10. Your swap partner is very lucky! I love the colors and the hand quilting.

  11. Gawgus!! I am sure your partner will love it ;-)

  12. Ohhh I love it!!!! Looks soo gorgeous, your partner will be over the moon!!

  13. I sure hope I'm your partner. What a beauty!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Bonus, that's like getting two mini quilts. Lucky partner! Tracee xx

  16. You're so clever...wish you and I lived closer so we could have sewing days and I could learn so much from you. I bet your partner loved her double sided quilt. Fantastic favourite side is the flying geese...spectacular.



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