A walk down memory lane

Last night, it was like it was 1989 and I was 13 again.

I was reminded of sitting in my bedroom, playing cassette tapes on my little red tape deck, really loudly and singing at the top of my voice.

And then, when the song ended, I would rewind the tape and play my favourite song over again… and then over again… and then over again.

And back in 1989, one of my favourite songs was called “If I could…” by an Australian band called 1927.

I say “one” of my favourites because as a 13 year old girl, favourites (of anything) change regularly. I’m sure you remember being 13 – don’t you?

Have a little look at the video I found on YouTube.



Look at that hair.

So 80’s.

So cool!

1927 were the support act for the main event – ROXETTE!

The first time I took heard of Roxette was when they their song, “It must have been love” was in the Pretty Woman movie soundtrack. Ahhhh the memories.



Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson (the Roxette duo) came on stage and I was transported back to the early 1990’s. Euro-pop at it’s finest!


Roxette 1


They have aged a little bit (we all have) but they belted out their hits and the 1000’s of concert goers danced and sang along.

Marie (who would be pushing 60) still looked totally amazing in her tight leather pants and short spiked blond hair and Per danced around on the stage like he was a spring chicken.

Hubby and I had a fun night, reminiscing about where we were, when we listened to these songs - originally. He was still in England, and I was here on the opposite side of the globe. It’s amazing how life works out, isn’t it?

So it’s over to you dear reader… if you care to share, that is (please do):

Where were you and what were you doing in the early 1990’s?


  1. Oh I love Roxette! If "She's Got the Look" comes on the radio, I turn it up and sing along! I graduated high school in 1995. The Cure was my favorite band and I even went to 2 of their concerts which was a huge deal for me. God I was in love with Robert Smith. In the early nineties--when I was still in middle school--I even had a stonewashed jean jacket with white leather fringe. I wish I still had it!

  2. We got married in the 90's, and started having a family almost right away. They took up most of my time, and since I didn't really care for a lot of music, we never really went to a concert. Don't have too many favourites, still.

  3. I was a bit older than 13 but omg I loved that song, too

  4. We must be the same age! I remember dancing to this at year 8 disco!

  5. I was in High School and I had the BIG hair! The bigger the 'poof' the better! Oh, how crazy we were!
    Side note: My band does 'Would I Lie To You' and let me just tell you (I lead on this one) she makes it look a LOT easier than that song is!

  6. I was raising 3 kids and practicing law. The 90s were a blur.

  7. I married in 1992, fav bands of 80's (my teen years) & early 90's - INXS, Noiseworks, Dragon, Duran Duran, 1927, Roxette, Spandau Ballet, Wham!, Midnight Oil, Cockroaches (some of whom delevoped into The Wiggles), oh my goodness the list could go on and on! LOVE the music from those years.......I still remember the words yet I can't remember what I did yesterday! Karen xx

  8. I was a total indie kid - James, Blur etc. Oversized shirts, short skirts, long skirts, jeans, long hair, move over-sized shirts. Oh dear!

  9. From 1991 till 1995 I was a primary school teacher (Years 4 & 5) at a private school that my DD also attended. She started school in 1991. We moved into our current house at the end of 1991. Some things have changed (a lot), some things stay the same.


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