I’m thankful for… last minute fishing!

Picture this…

It is Thursday evening (around 7pm) and the end of the summer school holidays are drawing to an end. In a few short days it is all going to be waking up to alarm clocks, school uniforms, lunch boxes, after school activities, go go go!

Little miss is due to return to pre-school the next morning (Friday) and on Monday, little man and husband return to school and work, respectively.

Why not go away for the weekend? I know it’s last minute, but why not? We had no other plans that couldn’t be worked around.

So at about 7:35pm on Thursday evening, we looked online, found a cabin was available on a river approximately 45 minutes away. Sooooo… we booked it.

Come Friday afternoon, we’d picked up little miss from pre-school and were headed down the coast for an impromptu weekend away.

The weather may be miserable, but the fish are biting.


Shoalhaven Heads


The kids get to drink fizzy drinks and mummy has her bottle of happy grape juice, for when the kids are in bed. Happy times for all.

I just had to share this holiday snap.

I think it is super cute – though, I admit that I may be a little bit biased.


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Do you love impromptu weekends away?

Or are you a planner?


  1. OOh, I would love to do an inpromptu trip, but the organizer in me would prefer to plan ;-) My 'last minute' would be about two weeks before ;-)

  2. Such a cute photo of them sipping from straws. You take good photos and I love the frames you use to portray them. Our family loves the impromptu too and we did a while ago take an improptu camping trip to Lake Eildon which still rates as our best camping holiday yet. Sometimes things that are planned are not half as much fun as the surprise trips! Thanks for your fabulous posts, I read them all but don't have the time to comment on them all. xJess

  3. An impromptu weekend is just the ticket! For our 30th wedding anniversary, I booked a fancy motel room on the morning of our anniversary! Cheaper and more fun for himself!

  4. sounds like a wonderful idea and i do love that pic of the kiddies.xx

  5. spur of the moment is ALWAYS great!! I love it!

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