Creative Space – StarFlower Edition

My StarFlower quilt is taking shape… finally.

I started making these blocks last year, and then sent fabric to my Bee group, who also made some blocks.

Yet again, I must apologise for these photos. I seem to be inspired at night, when I only have my iPhone handy *le sigh*.


StarFlower 1


I made a few more blocks and now have enough to put together a quilt.

The sashing is a white fabric with teeny-tiny black dots (I can’t resist a spot or a dot). I’ll take a better (closer) photo when it’s finished.


StarFlower 2


I think this will be the final layout. I just need to add the horizontal sashing and then decide on the outer border. Solid or a print? Decisions, decisions.


StarFlower 3


I’m still now sure how the quilt will turn out. I don’t have the big picture in my head yet. It is growing, slowly, and I’m determined to ONLY use fabrics in my stash. I have so much fabric and I really need to do something about reducing it.


When you make a quilt, do you have the final picture in mind? Or do you let it grow as you go?


Thank you to everyone who sent me an SMS, email, tweet, Facebook message or who I saw (IRL). I had a lovely birthday and ended the day celebrating with my family.

This was my DELICIOUS birthday cake.




A true blogger, takes a photo of their cake before they blow out the candles, right?


  1. It looks gorgeous Anorina! Had to laugh when I saw the title - that's what I could call mine this week took since I have also been making a number of those blocks this week.

    Happy birthday again. That cake looks devine! :)

  2. Generally I let it grow as I go but I'm a new quilter and haven't made much! I also used to paint like that- I'd have a general idea but often went up a different path wherever the painting wanted to go!

  3. It looks stunning, well done! Those star flower blocks were such fun to make. I have to admit I am not a huge planner, but sometimes I do a little drawing so that I keep an idea in mind.

  4. I have a general idea, of the overall picture/blocks, but decisions like sashing and borders will often change/evolve as time goes on. And I vote for a solid so as to not detract from the stars! In love with those colours still *sigh*

  5. Happy birthday from me too. Love your blog and thank you for sharing with everyone too.

  6. These blocks are just lovely, gives me ideas... I usually know what the end result that I'm aiming for is when I begin a quilt. I'll need to become a bit more adventurous ...

  7. Lovely blocks...I uselly have an idea of what i want dosn't mean thats what happens

  8. I'm still a newbie quilter, so my quilts really grow as I sew, but I've been happy with the results so far! Once I learn how to free motion quilt, I think they will look even better as straight line quilting seems to be passe...

  9. Wow love those blocks. Could you share how you make them as would like to try this block :) plse plse plse.

    Yum yum your cake looks amazing:) Happy birthday.

  10. You know, I always think I kow where I am going, and then end up changing it up as I go along! I have a wall(really it is just a window next to my machine) that I hand things on if I get stuck. Till something 'comes' to me!! LOL! Creativity cannot be planned!

  11. I tend to know where I'm going but I'm working on a wall hanging and it's not working out as expected! I do enjoy how a quilt changes personality through every phase - cutting, joining, sashing, borders, and quilting. Even though it's the same, it just grows. Love it!

  12. The cake looks delicious. I have just pieced a top. I had a final picture in my head but some how its not the same quilt. Unpicking me thinks.

  13. These blocks are gorgeous!!! Loving the colours!!! I usually draft my quilts as a guide but they always end up completely different!!! Cant wait to see it finished, the contrast of the lighter sashing will make it sing!! lol

  14. I cant wait to see how mine turn out!! =) Thank you for the tutorial!!! It has been waiting patiently for me. <3


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