Back to School – already?

Even though I would like to roll over and go back to slumbering in my nice soft, comfy and cozy bed (okay, why am I awake?), it’s time to get the routine started again.



My daughter starts pre-school on Friday (I know, totally strange to start on the Friday, but who am I to complain?) and my son starts Year 1 on Monday.

We’ve been in summer mode and have let the kids stay up later than normal (only because it’s too painful to hear them complain that they shouldn’t be in bed while the sun is still up) and then letting them sleep in til 8.

This time next week, we’ll need to be out the door at 8am. Yikes!

So it’s time to get the school time routine back in order.

1. Dinner time should go back to it’s earlier school time slot. During the school year, dinner at our house is usually around 5:30 pm. Summer holidays have pushed our nightly meal back to around 7pm, so it’s time to get back on track.

2. Bath/Pyjama/Story - all finished by 7:30pm.

3. Cuddles on the couch – this is an important step at our house. It’s those 10 minutes before bed, when we snuggle on the couch and let the kids stay up til the first commercial break.. They don’t particularly care what is on the tv, just so long as they can stay up until the first commercial break.

4. Wake up time is 7am. During the school term, it gives us 1 hour to get everyone fed, dressed, brushed, sorted and out the door.



Tomorrow we tackle the school uniforms and school bags. The school has given us a list of what we’ll need for the year. School shopping IS fun… especially without the kids ;-)


What is your back to school routine?


  1. Aghhh.... reality is about to hit! Secondary school booklist have to be paid for and picked up next Tuesday. Miss K starts back Next Thursday (grade 4 already, where has that time gone) and the boys go back the following monday ... reality check here, one is on year 8 and the other starts year 7 but the really scary bit is Miss Lily........ only 6 months and I will be enrolling her in Kinder for next year ... ahhh need Coffeeeeeeeee :o)

    As for routine .... start pocking and prodding boys (got to love teenagers) around 7 and get ready to kick their bottoms out the door around 8.15 ready or not! Miss K is the organised one :o)

  2. No more sleep in for me either. Up at 6am so I can do the 'morning routine' and have a cup of tea in peace. Wake DD12 up at 6.30 for her 'morning routine' while I feed the animals,then 7.25 she walks up the driveway to catch the bus at 7.30am. Then the day is mine :D.
    She arrives home 4.30pm and has a snack and a drink and dinner is usually on the table around 6pm. After that it's homework, a bit of TV to unwind and bed by 9.30pm for her. Some nights she's not tired and if she goes to bed earlier she'll wake before the sparrows and then is tired for the day, not good on school days.

  3. My baby finish school at the end of last more school run, uniforms, lunches etc etc YEAH :)

  4. I guess I am a mean Mommy! Even when they are on break we have an 8 PM bed time! However my Daughter is very much a scheduled kid (she has special needs and ASKS if it is 8 yet!!) Mornings are NUTZ! I have three kids in three schools (Elementary, Middle, and High) and all three schools start at different times in the morning and are NOT next to each other! Mornings are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! LOL


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