Bring on 2012

It’s new years eve 2011, and tonight, when the clock strikes


I plan on bringing in 2012 with some of these…


Fireworks by the Yarra River in Melbourne


A few glasses of bubbles



And perhaps working on a new years resolution or two - what about you?

I came across some new years celebration traditions on and thought I’d share some:

In Brazil they dress in white for a year of good luck.

In Denmark, people throw old dishes at their friends and families doors. The more broken dishes at a doorway represented the owners amount of popularity.

In Mexico, they wear red underwear for finding love, or yellow underwear for prosperity.

In Ecuador, people walk around the block with their suitcase if they want to go on the journey of their dreams, and wear yellow underwear for a year of good luck.

In Russia, people are silent and making their secret wishes for the year during the first 12 seconds of each New Year as they listen to the Kremlin clock bell ring 12 times.

In Singapore, people write their wishes for the coming year on a piece of paper. They are all gathered to be put in lighted 'Wishing Spheres' to float on Marina Bay.

In Spain, people wear new red underwear for a year of good luck.

In Wales, people exchange gifts and money.

And in Australia we kiss everyone within arm length and wish them a Happy New Year!

How do you plan on bringing in 2012?


  1. We for the first time ever are going to brave the crowds in Sydney. We have talked over the years about going in and this year Steve decided that we are going. We have packed munchies, water and jumpers and at 10.30 we are heading into the city, first to drop off DD2 to a hotel where she will meet up with some work colleagues from Melbourne, find parking and then do whatever it is you do on NYE in Sydney
    Hope you have a great NYE in Melbourne and a restful holiday

  2. I'm gonna go get me some yellow underwear! :D

  3. I'm from denmark and never heard that tradition. :-) rather you get teenager with fireworks blowing up people's mailboxes and often getting hurt themselves.

  4. Hmm I'd like to be in Wales for New Year! Enjoy seeing in 2012 in Melbourne. We are going to sit in the park under the Harbour Bridge to watch the fire works, and the passing parade of crazies who come out on NYE!!

  5. who knew there were so many traditions involving underwear! Happy New Year!

  6. We visited Bald Hill (super crowded), the Sea Cliff Bridge (always has people on it) and had lunch at a comparatively quiet Thirroul beach yesterday (and all got a nasty case of sunburn - ouch!). I thought of you but forgot you were in Melbourne!! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  7. With a son who doesn't go to sleep until 10pm I will be spending the evening the same as usual. Happy New Year.

  8. So fun to read how others spend their New Years eve! We will be entertaining our 8 y/o granddaugher with games, party hats, horns & snacks! :) Wow, as a young grandma my New Years Eve has changed! Happy New Year to you all!

  9. What an interesting post! I'm Danish-American, but I'd never heard of the broken dishes tradition. There is a "broken dishes" quilt block--I wonder if it was named for that tradition.

    And I'll have to scout for yellow underwear--I'd love a year of prosperity!

    Happy New Year!

  10. I plan to be asleep...I know boring but I am just not a night person.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs Tanya

  11. I am in a band and we have a gig tonight. It is always a big gig and this one will be sad for me as it is my last time playing with my band! Have a safe and happy New Year!!!

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