Sunday Stash

Denyse Schmidt is in the house!!

I was at Spotlight today and came across this gigantic stand of DS Collection fabrics.

DS Collection

I only wanted to buy batting from Spotlight, but some of this fabric gorgeousness just happened to jump into my trolley. Don’t you hate it when that happens? No? Neither do I.

DS Collection Fabric 1

It’s a poor quality photo. Sorry! I really must remember to take photos during the day, rather than at night with bad lighting.

I’m thinking of adding some white and making a funky modern quilt which will be ALL FOR ME!

Do you make things for yourself - or do you find that you make things for everyone else first and never have time to make things JUST FOR YOU?


  1. How sensible to have them all in the one place... at my local Spotlight I have to search high and low to find them!
    I'm cutting them up for a charm swap, so when I get all my squares in return, they will be all for me!

  2. You chose some gorgeous fabrics - I particularly love the big florals. I can totally understand you when you say you never get around to making things for yourself. I was thinking tonight that once I've finished what I'm doing at the moment I might make something for myself, and then realised I'm committed to making three other projects for people before Christmas. Maybe after that?

  3. How cute! yeah, it's easy to get sucked into buying fabric. =) At least I struggle.

  4. I'm going to make something with the Flora Charm Squares - just for me - thanks

  5. Great find! How many times do we go into a shop just for one thing and come out with a trolley full!!!

  6. absolutely the same!! =))

    i would love to get in such store!! =))

    yeah, usually I do things for my friends first. and there is no any time for myself!

  7. Oh, that's too bad that this beautiful fabric jumped into your trolley (wink wink!)... I have that trouble too! I hope you enjoy making something lovely for yourself from it...

  8. Those are really great fabrics. Don't you just hate it when no matter how much you tell a fabric it just can't come home with you it just keeps nagging till you give in and let in join the stash.

  9. I have similar problems with fabric just "jumping" into my shopping basket!
    I also know what you mean about taking photos in bad light. I use to upload my photos and sort out the colour balance using their neutral picker to make the white in the photo look white and then the rest of the colours magically sort themselves out.
    I don't have a membership to Picnik, I just use the free bit, it make swuite a difference.
    Love your blog , by the way.
    Claire from

  10. So glad it is not just my shopping cart that gets "jumped" into! I have some stashed Pure by Sweet water that is going to be something all for me! (Sometime... even if it is just a pile to pet, it's MINE!)

  11. I seem to have the same problem at Spotlight... if it's not jumping into my trolley it's calling my name - lol

  12. $11.95/m?! Nice!! My local Spotty usually has them all in one place, but it just gets so messy sometimes! Although all the Clearance is on one big wall... win!


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