Is your man a handyman?

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My husband considers himself a bit of a handyman. He loves when I have jobs that need his attention around the house. I was having a tidying session – stacking up the newest magazines and papers (we love subscriptions at our place). I came across his new issue of Handyman Magazine when I was hunting for one of my craft magazines.

Now normally the mention of a new power tool or a trip to Bunnings (our local hardware store) makes my eyes glaze over and my mind to wander, but flicking through this issue, my attention was captured.


For a while now, I have been thinking that our windows need a facelift. We’ve been in this house for 5 years and not much has changed in this time. I’m bored with the colour of the blinds. I’m so tired of looking at the curtains. It’s time for a change.

As I flicked through the November issue of Australian Handyman, I discovered a great article called ‘Fabric Window Screens’. Being a craft-aholic, this really appealed to me. The pictures caught my eye at first and before long I was reading the instructions.

I love how airy and fresh the room looks. Blue is so refreshing, isn’t it?

The article is very well written, with easy to follow step by step instructions. The project has a skill and time rating which is fantastic. I’m glad that Handyman magazine doesn’t assume we all know what we’re doing, when it comes to ‘handy’ things.

Also included are tips on what materials are best and also things that could go wrong - what could possibly go wrong with me and a power tool? Seriously!

There are great photos to enhance the descriptions and see what things ‘should’ look like. Another great idea is that you can log on to the website for more project details (ie the shopping list).

Now I only have to wait for my husband to be out so that I can take control of the garage and his power tools.

Do you (or your handyman) subscribe to handyman magazine? Or are you like me and more a fan of Lifestyle magazines?
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  1. My husband is definitely a handyman. Yesterday the extension handle on my machine trolley bag came apart - he had it fixed within a few minutes of being home! Becasue her dad and both grandfathers were so capable, it came as quite a shock to our DD when she realised her husband can't do anything handyman-wise!

  2. What is it about men and Bunnings they always think you want to come and look at power tools, but run screaming at the mention of Spotlight. LOL

  3. LOL. Liked the comment about Bunnings and Spotlight.


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