Complete Cuteness (in a squeamish kind of way)

I’m not a fan of the outdoors. Just putting it out there.

My idea of camping is staying in a fully self-contained cabin with toilet, shower and if possible, air conditioning.

Bugs and creepy crawlies bother me and I stay away from them as much as possible.

Hubby was out in the garden the other day, mowing the lawn and trimming bushes. He was just about to cut a few branches from a bush, when he discovered this little fellow.


Green Tree Frog


It may only be the size of your thumb, but I wasn’t game enough to get near it, just  in case it jumped on me… you can never be too careful, right?


Do you love the great outdoors and all of it’s creatures… or do you prefer to look at them from a distance (like me)?


  1. LOL. I'm forever tellin DH that I "Don't do bugs and dirt!"

  2. awwwwwww I think he is adorable!! I'm pure 100% country girl.. I grew up on a small farm, pigs, cows, chickens, horses, you name it. And always had a pocket full of worms! hehehe I have been trying to teach my 2 year old grand daughter to love nature. I showed her a cricket once and she said awww cute. then stomped on it.. hmm maybe this will work?? hehe
    That little frog will eat his weight in bugs 100 x over! FYI :)

  3. I like being outdoors but agree with you about camping! I left all that "roughing it" behind me years ago (I'm a grandmother now, I need to be comfortable LOL).

    We had a frog about the length of a finger in the family room one night last week - I only noticed it because the cat was stalking!

    And yes, we live in suburbia but we do have a fishpond and a swimming pool so frogs - in the garden - are not uncommon!

  4. LOL I can so relate. You wouldn't do very well at my house then - I live across the road from a lake so in the evenings we have a driveway full of teeny tiny frogs. Sometimes I don't even notice them because they're so tiny and I think they're just pebbles or something.

  5. I love seeing the outdoor critters, but I prefer that they be outdoors when I'm doing it! Our cats are quite fond of bringing in their latest finds for a game of catch and release. We've had mice, snakes, lizards, shrews, voles, bunnies, birds, squirrels...well I think you get the picture.

    That little frog is adorable. Look at his fat little frog belly!

  6. BLECH!!!! I hate hate hate frogs! I had no idea that picture was going to be there. Shivvers. You just never know where they will be next, especially those little ones. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  7. We have one just like that lives in our sago palm. We've had several hitchhike all over the country with us, rolled up in our camper's awning, tucked away in an outdoor cubby, or even in the bed of our pickup. Love 'em all!!

  8. Love frogs! I have one, a red eye tree frogs. This picture that you have above, is a Green Tree Frog, gorgeous picture you got!! :)

  9. I'm with you - the only stars I want to sleep under are the "Five Stars" - 4 if I have to! Else I would rather be home.

  10. How cute is that little frog! I don't mind camping - I just hate the flies that go with it! I like the spiders that live in my garden because they keep the mozzies at bay - um...but I do scream like a banshee if I get spiderweb on me!


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