I am grateful for... Impromptu Spring Picnics

We're big fans of the good old family picnic. Especially impromptu picnics.

We live about 10 minutes away from the beach, so after a busy week and a hot Friday, we decided to make the most of the balmy evening and have a picnic dinner at the park and then walk down to the beach.

It was such a lovely evening and the kids had a fantastic time splashing their feet (+) in the water, even if it meant having to take off wet shorts for the car ride home.


  1. That looks like so much fun :)

    I might have to look into impromptu spring picnic ideas for our area, sure my girls would love it.

  2. What fun! We used to have picnics overlooking the river, watching the sun go down. We called them our "sunset soiree" (we were into "Keeping Up Appearances - first time around - then)


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